Lake Como Restaurant Has New Michelin Star

Berton al Lago Restaurant located in Il Sereno Hotel in Torno has been awarded a Michelin star. Restaurant cooks are Andrea Berton and Raffaele Lenzi.

Thanks to the first-timer, there are now six Michelin-rated restaurants at Lake Como: Berton al Lago at Il Sereno Hotel, Torno; Il Cantuccio in Albavilla; Mistral Restaurant at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio; Da Candida Restaurant in Campione d’ItaliaTigli in Theoria in the city of Como; and La Locanda del Notaio in Pellio Intelvi.

ресторан в отеле серено

The Michelin Guide, created in 1900, still remains the most reputable and popular restaurant rating. Michelin does not disclose its awarding criteria, but it is believed that the main criterion is cuisine. Service, interior design, atmosphere, and pricing are secondary. Food occupies the first place. The guide does not consider restaurants without house specialities.

According to the Michelin Guide rules, stars are awarded to chefs, not restaurants. If a chef stops working at a restaurant, he or she can “transfer” his/her star to another one.

Photo credit: Sereno Hotels

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