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The 5 Italian Cuisine Restaurants On Lake Como

Lake Como restaurant choice offers a variety of Italian cuisine itself. Here you can find from old-family trattorias to new-trendy places. This is our list of Lake Como best Italian restaurants, whether you are looking for traditional pasta and pizza, or fresh fish dishes – there’s something to suit every occasion.

Tigli in Theoria — Restaurant of Modern High Cuisine

Tigli in Theoria is the most fashionable restaurant in Como. The parlor is located in a building constructed six centuries ago in the very heart of the city. If you want to feel like a noble person just visit I Tigli in Theoria. The refined and subtle interior and cozy inner yard and impeccable service from staff will definitely fascinate you.

Tigli in Theoria has a Michelin star, which once again confirms the exclusivity of the restaurant’s cuisine.

Fans of molecular gastronomy will have an unforgettable gastronomic experience at I Tigli in Theoria. Jaw-dropping serving and excellent taste make every dish a true piece of art.

The unique atmosphere of the historic building, impeccable service, and incredible delicacies can win any visitor’s heart.

La Colombetta — Family Restaurant in the Centre of Como

The cozy restaurant La Combetta is located in a building that once belonged to a church. Its hall has a high arched ceiling, which creates a special atmosphere. The restaurant owners pay attention to every detail. Table decoration, dishes, accessories and fresh flowers in vases are touches that impress visitors.

The restaurant cooks dishes following the family recipes which have improved over time so that they always meet modern diet standards. The owners of La Colombetta believe that this approach ensures the balance between traditional and modern trends.

La Combetta has a touch of style. Its impeccable service and first-class food serving will make you feel at home. This restaurant treats visitors not just like a guest, but a member of the large and friendly family, which is truly glad to welcome you.

Numeronove — Restaurant with Terrace and Cozy Garden

Numeronove is located in the pedestrian area of Como. This restaurant attracts visitors with its delicious food and cozy internal garden.

Here you can enjoy a tasty meal surrounded with the unique antique interior decor. The restaurant design has been thought out to the smallest detail: antique frescoes, one-of-a-kind tables and chairs, small statues, and vintage items on the walls. The romantic atmosphere that Numeronove offers is just perfect for a cozy date or a lovely evening out with friends. In the warm season book a table in the garden.

Numeronove is especially proud of its thin crust pizza. Locals drop by to partake of this national dish. 

Osteria La Tana dei pescatori — Fish Restaurant in the Pedestrian Area of Como

Fish lovers should definitely visit this restaurant in Como. At first glance, the interior of this place makes you stare—you will find yourself in a submarine beneath the ocean. There are even more wonderful features about this restaurant to be discovered. 

The main specialities of the restaurant, for which it is very proud, are dishes with authentic seafood recipes. 

The owner of Osteria La Tana dei pescatori personally purchases fresh fish every morning from reliable suppliers. Here you can safely enjoy tar-tar, oysters and lobster without any doubt of their exceptional quality. The chef’s masterly work only accentuates the delicate taste of fresh products. He combines the perfect combination of texture and spices in order to make each dish worthy of customers’ highest praise. 

It’s advisable to book a table in advance — the restaurant is very popular.

Tana dei Pescatori Restaurant Como

Trattoria del Glicine — Cozy Family Restaurant with Haute Cuisine

Hidden from the city noise, this restaurant is a must-try for a foodie. The passion for cuisine originates from the owner Mario’s childhood, when his grandfather and he began preparing delicious treats. 

After years of studying and fine-tuning local and traditional dishes, Mario decided to open his own restaurant in 2000. The fancy three-storey mansion, in which Trattoriadel Glicine is located today, fascinates both locals and tourists with its elegance and classic atmosphere.

Trattoria del Glicine is a traditional family restaurant run by a large Italian family. It specialises in haute Italian cuisine.

Mario’s vision concerning his cuisine is to offer his guests the rich gastronomic heritage of Italy from the Alps to the Mediterranean. The chef personally chooses products for his dishes, carefully selecting suppliers and checking their quality and freshness. The restaurant wine list features the best flavours and tastes of authentic Italian traditions.

Having taken a table on the terrace, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the lake. The most beautiful period is the time when the (Glicine) wisteria blooms. You will be smitten with this unforgettable beauty. At this time, the restaurant turns into a real landmark in Cernobbio.

Il Glicine Ristorante Cernobbio

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