Key Questions about the Situation after Flooding in Lake Como

  • August 1, 2021

On July 26-27, 2021 massive floods hit Lake Como, destroying homes, buildings, and triggering landslides. Several towns like Blevio, Brienno, Laglio, Cernobbio and Argegno in Como Province were particularly affected. Houses were damaged, roads were completely blocked for hours, some trees fell into the river, and part of the road was destroyed.

The local firefighters carried out about 60 rescues and evacuated some residents threatened with flooding. Fortunately, no one was injured during the storm. However, the day will for sure remain in memory for a long time. We have received many questions regarding the current situation, and in this article, we will respond to the most commonly asked questions.

What is the current situation in Lake Como?

The biggest disaster lasted for two days. The local rescue workers were working from the very beginning. Their efforts helped to resolve the majority of problems within a few hours. As soon as the rain stopped, the rescue teams started working to bring life on Lake Como back to normality. In the following days, dozens of volunteers and municipal workers reinforced the team, allowing for crucial streets to be cleared and reopened for traffic. 

Cernobbio flooding
Streets of Cernobbio are coming back to normality. Photo credit: Max Bancora

Should I change my plans and cancel my vacation in Lake Como? 

Absolutely not! Most hotels, restaurants, and Airbnbs were not affected by flooding. Many of those who were slightly affected have already resolved all issues and are fully operating. 

Are the roads accessible and clear after the floods? 

Yes, most of the roads are accessible. In places where restoration works are still taking place, the municipalities are offering alternative routes or temporarily organized one-way traffic regulated by traffic lights. Before you go to your hotel, check the situation on Google Maps or ask the reception for the best way to reach your destination. 

Flooding Lake Como Clooney
George Clooney with Protezione civile Trezzo sull’Adda. Photo credit: CittàdiTrezzosullAdda

Are the ferries operating? 

Yes, the ferries are still operating. However, in case of bad weather, some delays can be expected. 

Are the hotels and restaurants in Lake Como open? 

Absolutely. The majority of restaurants, bars and hotels are operating now. Even the venues like Momi and Da Luciano, located in places that have been heavily affected, have already reopened their doors. 

Has the town of Como been affected by flooding?

There is no evidence of significant damage in the town of Como. Fortunately, the weather is becoming better – as the rain stopped, Como city started to shine just like it was before.

How is the water in Lake Como after the flooding?

The lake near Como city and other towns along the shore is filled with branches and floating debris. The local authorities have started to collect it. Of course, it takes time as the quantity is enormous. But there is no doubt that very soon, Lake Como will restore its glamour and unique shine!

Olivia Farley
Olivia splits her time between Lake Como and Liverpool (United Kingdom), where she studies French and Italian at university.
Olivia is passionate about language-learning, travelling, and ‘il dolce far niente’. She also enjoys exploring cultural and historical sites, and hiking up the many trails around the lake. 

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