3 Outdoor Activities to Try Once in a Lifetime on Lake Como

  • September 28, 2020

When summer begins, Lake Como turns into a paradise for outdoor sports lovers. Thanks to a perfect combination of natural elements like lake water, mountain ground, and pure air, you can really experience Lake Como’s territory by doing any outdoor activity. It’s the perfect moment for everybody, especially those who never tried an adventure like these, to get involved in a new challenge and experience!

Water lovers will undoubtedly spend their days sailing or kitesurfing, kayaking, water-skiing, or wakeboarding. Ground lovers will enjoy mountains, hills, and flatland by doing some trekking, hiking, climbing, horse riding, cycling, or just walking. Air lovers will take advantage of the excellent weather conditions of summertime to fly like birds on Lake Como by paragliding or in helicopter or seaplane. What if you don’t want to pick just one but to try all? Here is a list of TOP 3 outdoor activities to try once in a lifetime on Lake Como.


If you desire to glide above water and experience the water-sports emotions, wakeboard is the best outdoor activity you can try for the first time. It’s known as one of the easiest board sports to learn, at any age and experience. You’ll have your feet attached to the board, and you’ll be pulled by a boat. You will need just one or two attempts to stand, following the instructor’s recommendations, and your adrenaline will rise to the top! There are many wakeboard schools and excellent instructors on Lake Como. You can try at Wake Board Lake Como in Blevio, on the Como branch, or Wake Board Club in Lecco on the Lecco branch.

Wake Boarding Lake Como


One of the most inspiring ways to explore Lake Como mountains and woods is by riding a horse. Have you ever tried it? You don’t need to be an expert, the instructor will teach you how to get in contact with your horse, and you’ll go on a trek in one of the most beautiful scenarios. Ranch El Picadero in Colico offers lots of sustainable and active horse riding, from lakeshore walks to mountain treks.

Riding Hourse Lake Como


Have you ever dream of flying? Your dream can come true on Lake Como! Flying with a tandem paraglider on Lake Como is an exciting and enjoyable experience. It’s suitable for everybody, the most similar way to fly as an eagle sustained only by air’s strength. An expert pilot will drive you in the sky, and you’ll be comfortably seated while admiring a magnificent panorama, just Lake Como, and mountains around you and the whisper of the wind. It’s a fantastic experience to try at least once in a lifetime! You’ll find the best views and instructors in Alpe Giumello (Flylibell School), or Como Lake Paragliding center in Gera Lario.

Paragliding Lake Como

Silvia Valsecchi

Silvia Valsecchi | Passionate tour leader, traveler and paraglider
Silvia was born and grew up in Lecco, a beautiful city on the east side of Lake Como. Silvia speaks five languages; she traveled all over the world, lived in Guatemala and Jordan. In 2018 Silvia got a trip leader license and started to offer outside activities and experiences on Lake Como. If you wish to go for a hike or other outdoor experience, please write to Silvia: silvia.valsecchi@live.it or visti the website: www.sbilvi.com

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