The Renaissance of an Ancient Palace on Lake Como: Villa Làrio Presents the Palace

  • May 1, 2021

Villa Làrio, an exclusive boutique property located in Lake Como, reopened for the 2021 season by presenting its new recently restored Palace (Il Palazzo) – a classic nineteenth-century Villa located directly on the lake. The eight new suites in the Palace all have direct access to the property’s private pier and Riva boats. The total number of suites at Villa Làrio has, as a result, increased from six to eighteen.

This large nineteenth-century property, formerly owned by the renowned Lombardi family, is incredibly intimate, with breath-taking views from each suite, capturing the discretion of a home with the comfort of a five-star hotel. Villa Làrio is the perfect location for a lakeside getaway boasting a charming restaurant and lounge bar overlooking the water. It also has a comfortable space for remote working activities.

Villa Làrio, Il Palazzo

The local interior design studio Castagna 1939 led the renovation project by focusing on traditional materials such as marble, alongside with simple but luxurious design elements and details and careful craftsmanship that echoes throughout the property.

Through the careful restoration, numerous original elements of the Villa dating back to the nineteenth century have been preserved. The monumental Palace fireplace in the reception area, for example, was originally part of the kitchen, and the family armouries have been integrated into the penthouse suite. These historic pieces blend perfectly with large sliding glass doors and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Villa Lario Terrazza
Il Palazzo, Villa Làrio

Fine Dining in Villa Làrio

Villa Làrio’s restaurant offers dishes with the scents, flavours and colours of the Mediterranean cuisine. From freshly caught fish from Lake Como to fresh tomatoes picked in the local gardens, to the art of cooking homemade pasta and olive oil, the restaurant promises an outstanding dining experience for both hotel guests and visitors alike.

These flagship products are sourced directly from the producers to ensure traceability and quality, and the stories behind each product and family that grows it are shared with the guests.

The menu also meets dietary requirements, including vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free. The chef and team are happy to arrange personalized cooking lessons for guests where they demonstrate a hands-on approach to Italian cuisine, preparing together lemon ravioli, focaccia and much more.

Villa Lario Restaurant
Restaurant Villa Làrio

Outside Activities in Villa Làrio

The Villa Làrio has direct access to the lake and its private pier. Besides the traditional boat tours, other water sports activities like water skiing, kayaking or paddling can be organized. A water tour by classic Riva boat is available on request, and a picnic basket full of seasonal Italian delights can be booked. It’s an excellent experience for those who want to enjoy the “Italian dolce vita”.

Free Yoga sessions are also available every morning to the guests, among the serene two-century-old cedar Gardens. There are also many places to read under the shade of the ancient trees.

Guests can enjoy the 20-meter-long infinity pool with 360-degree views from the cliff to the lake or depart from the private jetty for a fantastic morning swim.

Villa Lario garden
Villa Làrio, Lake Como

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