Here’s How to Explore Lake Como & The Rest of Italy Virtually

  • June 9, 2021

The first half of the year 2020 alone showed how massive the pandemics’ impact would have on the global travel and tourism industry. Even though most countries did not start implementing the lockdown until the second half of the first six months, this industry still took a 65% hit in tourist arrivals. This was a combination of bans placed on flying out of some countries – and equal bans set on flying into other locations. It forced the world to step up and bring other forms of travel and tourism to the willing market. That brings us to the various ways, via specific available streaming services and other options, to explore Italy from anywhere you are in the world.

Grand Tour

If you have never been to Italy before or you would simply love to see the magical country in a new light, a grand tour is what you should aim at.

Here, you get everything from the history of the country to the people and how they live. In short, it is an immersive cultural experience that takes you as close to the Italians as possible.

Quite frankly, there is a lot of reason why you should want to be on this grand tour.

The Italians defined an era in art (renaissance), led some of the best movements in fashion, and are making waves with their food exports.

Why would you not want to see what else they have under that beautiful hood?

villa d'este cernobbio

Museum Visits

Let’s face it: Italy has some of the best museums in the world.

The appeal of these museums is more from the fact that they have been here for a long. Thus, they hold some of the most significant collections of ancient art that you can hope to see.

Rather than hopping multiple museums to have a glimpse of good art, some of the top Italian museums are enough core experiences for you.

Think about all the sights and sounds of the Vatican Museums in Vatican City, the Egyptian Museum in Turin, or the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. That, and we are just scratching the surface on what you could get.

Fortunately, Google has a lot of these museum experiences curated for you in one place. So get into the Arts and Culture section and see for yourself.

Villa del Balbianello Museum

Lake Como

It would be wrong to bring you here, with that heading no doubt, and not talk about Lake Como.

If you have only heard about this lake in passing, you must not know why it is the tourist destination that it is today.

The blue-water lake has been the home to aristocrats and wealthy people in the country for a long time now. Served by a singular island, the exclusiveness of the lake also makes it one place people will always want to see.

Add that to the villas and palaces you see around the lake, and you have a winner.

While tourists from many courtiers still cannot go to Lake Como right now, they can explore the location virtually instead.

Whether you’re just going with videos that cover the entire region or would prefer a VR experience that immerses you in the experience, you’ll enjoy what you see.

Villa del Balbianello Wisteria

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and for more reasons than one.

Italy is among the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus. This fact explains why the Italian government is safeguarded about taking visitors now. Of course, the country’s tourism sector will still enjoy the boom that it is used to, but there is no need to wait until then to see its beauty.

Start with the virtual tours above, find what interests you most, and you would have covered a lot of grounds in the country without even stepping foot there.

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