Susanna Sundberg, airbus pilot: “The feeling of landing in a seaplane on the Lake Como is so special!”

Susanna Sundberg, airbus pilot, world traveller, and happy mom visited Lake Como and shared with us her experience.

Recently you spend some days at Lake Como, it was for vacation, right?

Yes and no. I was actually working, but sometimes we have longer layovers as a crew and we can spend a few days at a nice destination, then it becomes a mini vacation. I had the pleasure of staying in a rented apartment from “My home in Como” in the city center of Como instead of the crew hotel this time. To start my day with a morning run next to the lake was incredible.

When you visited Como for the first time?

The first time was in 2008. I was already back then working as a pilot and I spent a lot of time in Milano, and during my days off I tried to visit Como as often as possible.

What are your impressions about Lake Como?

Amazing! I think I must have lived here in a previous life, I felt at home here as soon as I stepped out of the train! Seriously though, I have been all around the world and I love to discover new places, but for some reason, I keep coming back to Como. I just love the relaxed lifestyle, the architecture, the history, the fresh air, and the beautiful nature.

What did you do on the Lake Como during your visit?

I started my day with a run to the Aero Club and back, to see a city slowly wake up early in the morning is always a pleasure for me. After breakfast, I met up with my friend and guide for the day, Daniela Maviglia (Founder and CEO of My home in Como) and we enjoyed a coffee before heading for a boat tour. The weather was absolutely stunning and to drive a small motorboat and discover the villas of Como was the highlight of all my visits here. We went to the restaurant Momi and had a perfect lunch and very good conversation. We were very well taken care of and spoiled with delicious food. Perfect Como day basically 🙂

Your favourite place at Lake Como area?

It’s difficult to pick just one, all the villages around the lake have something special. I do love Varenna very much. It’s so quiet and calm, plenty of gorgeous villas and I love the colors of the houses next to the water. To see them at their most beautiful, watch them from a boat during sunset. It’s like a little golden city in between the green mountains.

What can you recommend as a «MUST see list» to people arriving in Como for the first time?

To charter a boat and see all this beauty from a lake view. I have been visiting Como regularly for the last 10 years but recently was the first time I discovered the places from a smaller boat, this is by far the best way to see Como. The seaplane is also amazing, but if you want a closer look at the buildings, a private boat tour is a must.

Did you have a chance to see any of the historical villas, if yes, which one is your favourite?

I’ve seen many of them and they’re all gorgeous in their own way. My favourite is Villa Balbianello in Lenno, the walk to get there from the small harbour is also very nice. Villa Melzi just next to Bellagio is another favourite! During my last visit our chartered boat took us to Villa La Pliniana, it’s located northeast of Torno and very secluded. It was a bit darker and colder since the sun didn’t reach it, which made it a bit special compared to the other sunnier places.

Вилла Плиниана озеро Комо

What is Lake Como for you?

Relaxation and luxury. People are so happy and friendly here, there is an elegant and classy atmosphere here which I really enjoy.

By the way, can you fly the Lake planes with your license?

No, but I have flown them together with an instructor! I tried for the first time during a very windy and stormy day and it was absolutely fantastic! It was my first time at the controls of a seaplane and it is so different compared to conventional airplanes. I was considering taking the license to be able to rent one on my own, but with my busy schedule, it wasn’t really possible. I do enjoy flying from the passenger seat as well, I can focus less on flying and more on the view. Just the feeling of landing on water is so special. I can highly recommend it!

Elena Markova, Editor-in-Chief at COMO LAKE Today

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