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The answers to most-asked questions about the coronavirus outbreak in Lake Como

At the end of February, all educational institutions in the province of Como were closed for quarantine, and on March 11 and 22, 2020, a decrees aimed at countering coronavirus infection were signed in Italy. These documents provide several restrictions for the population. COMO LAKE Today has collected answers to the most popular questions about the coronavirus pandemic and the situation in the Lake Como region.

Do shops and services operate in Como?

All non-food stores are closed on government orders. Currently, only grocery stores, pharmacies, tobacco shops, newsstands, and gas stations are allowed to operate. Markets, hairdressers and beauty salons are also closed.

Are there open restaurants and bars in Como?

No, by decree, all restaurants, cafes and bars are closed. Only operators that deliver food to your home is allowed to work.

What are the justified reasons for leaving the house?

You can only go outside to buy food and medicine, to visit a doctor, as well as in desperate situations go to work or to help elderly relatives. To go outside, you need to have a completed form with you (you can download the form here), which you must present to the police on request.

Is it possible to leave without a form, and if necessary, fill it out together with the police?

Yes, but to speed up checks, local police recommends that you always have a completed form explaining the reason for going out. In the case of checks, you must explain your movement.

Is it possible to leave the house to walk or take the dog out?

No, walks are not allowed any more. You can go with a dog or for a workout out near your house alone and no further than 200 meters. It is strictly forbidden to go in groups, even for family members. Walking without a reason is also prohibited.

Is it possible to go shopping in another municipality?

All movements, purchases of necessities and food must be carried out near the place of residence. The departure from the municipality of residence is prohibited. Thought there are particular cases that can be considered by local police in case of control.

Is it allowed to play outdoor sports?

It is not recommended. Any activity can be done only near the place of residence. It is forbidden to gather in groups and go to potentially crowded places. The government urges people not to go far from home and, if possible, to completely refrain from leaving their homes, including for outdoor sports.

Is it possible to ride a motorcycle or bicycle?

It is not allowed to ride, but it is possible to go if necessary. Although there is no direct ban, it is also recommended to refrain from this type of transport for another reason — in the event of an accident and due to overcrowded hospitals, doctors will not be able to assist.

Can the whole family go shopping?

No, only one person from each family is allowed to go out, who can go shopping to avoid overflowing supermarkets and crowding people.

Are pet stores open?

Yes, they are open, as they sell food products for pets.

Can I go to a friend’s house or for dinner?

No, exit is allowed only for motivated first-aid needs and work emergencies. Private gatherings are prohibited by law.

Can I order medicines with home delivery in the province of Como?

Yes, there is a home delivery service in Como. Medicines can be ordered by calling 800 189 521 (open from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 17: 30) or 800 065 510 (new additional hotline).

Can I order food from restaurants in Como with home delivery?

Yes, many restaurants in the city of Como offer this service. Home-cooked meals can be ordered at Feel Como, Café Thai, Hommus, as well as other restaurants in the province of Como, by placing an order on the website

Do kindergartens, schools, and universities work?

At the moment, all educational institutions are closed until April 3. Most schools have switched to distance learning. The government announced that despite the quarantine measures, there is still hope that the school year will not be extended or moved to the summer. There is also information that the quarantine in schools will be probably extended until May 6. The exact date will be announced later following the situation.

Are there any changes in the operation of transport on Lake Como?

Yes, the buses were switched to the winter schedule. Navigation on Lake Como is completely stopped.

Does mail office work?

Yes, the post offices are open. At the post offices, proper precautions were taken for access, and a distance of 1 meter between people is required on the premises.

Do banks work?

Yes, banks operate on a special schedule. Opening hours were changed, and branches were also selectively closed. Banks recommend that all operations be carried out online and come to the branches only in desperate and urgent situations. It is better to check the exact schedule of a particular branch on the bank’s website.

Can delivery companies move for the delivery of goods?

Yes, they can move around and deliver items ordered online.

On which websites in Como you can order products with delivery to the house?

The Esselunga supermarket chain is a leader in online food orders. Products can also be ordered online and picked up independently in such store chains as IPER, Bennet, and Carrefour. Due to the very high demand at the moment, ordering and delivery of products require more time.

What services do companies offer in connection with the current situation?

Many companies join forces to fight the epidemic, donate money to hospitals, and provide free services to the public. For example, mobile operators TIM and Vodafone offer unlimited internet traffic for all subscribers. On the digital solidarity website, collected numerous offers from different companies – free courses, lessons, books, psychological consultations, as well as online magazines, for example Conde Nast (Vogue, Vanity Fair, GC, AD, and others).

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